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Domestic Plumbing Course
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Domestic Plumbing Course

Domestic Plumbing Course

This program is designed for individuals with no or little plumbing experience. The Domestic Plumbing Course offers a combination of both theory and practical training (within an approved training centre - national training centres across the UK) and the necessary underpinning knowledge which is home based blended learning. The length of course depends on which qualification the individual wishes to obtain.

The following units will be covered in these courses:

  • Introduction to working relationships
  • Above ground plastic pressure pipe work
  • Copper pipe work
  • Health and safety
  • Heat applied to plumbing
  • Liquid petroleum gas
  • Plumbing hand tools
  • Below ground medium density polyethylene piping
  • Cold water storage
  • Domestic cold water supply
  • Installing a hot water system
  • Pressure in plumbing systems
  • Properties of water
  • Taps and valves
  • Soil and waste plastics
  • Install and test rain water gutters and downpipes
  • Installing waste traps
  • Installing radiators
  • Installing showers
  • Sanitary appliances
  • BPEC water regulations 1999

Course Overview as follows:

Plumbing Intermediate Level – Theory modules leading to:

  • City & Guilds 6035: Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Domestic Heating
  • BPEC: Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999

Practical Training & Assessment: In centre training – 5 weeks

  • Practical training relating to plumbing and domestic heating; components, installation and maintenance
  • City and Guilds assessments in compliance with C&G 6035-11 Level 2 knowledge units

    • Unit 1 - Understand and carry out safe working practices in Building Services Engineering
    • Unit 2 - Understand how to communicate with others within Building Services Engineering
    • Unit 3 - Understand how to apply environmental protection measures within BSE
    • Unit 4 - Understand how to apply scientific principles within mechanical services engineering
    • Unit 5 - Understand and carry out site preparation, and pipework fabrication techniques for domestic plumbing and heating systems
    • Unit 6 - Understand and apply domestic cold water system installation and maintenance techniques
    • Unit 7 - Understand and apply domestic hot water system installation and maintenance techniques
    • Unit 8 - Understand and apply domestic central heating system installation and maintenance techniques
    • Unit 9 - Understand and apply domestic rainwater system installation and maintenance techniques
    • Unit 10 - Understand and apply domestic above the ground drainage system installation and maintenance techniques

  • Basic electrical principles relating to heating system components including pre-work checks and lawful limitations
  • BPEC: 1999 Water Regulations assessment


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- Minimum age requirement is from 19 years.
- Courses start from as little as £20/week.

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