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Domestic Gas Course
Career as a Gas Engineer


Salaries range from £20,000 to £70,000 and can vary by the region of the UK that you work in i.e, Londoners usually receive a higher salary whilst people working in Wales often receive the lowest average salary.

If you are self employed you can expect to earn between £35 to £175 per hour depending on your experience, the job you are doing and also the time.

  • Starting salaries are around £21,500 to £26,000*
  • With experience, this can rise to between £32,000 and £42,000*
  • High earners can make around £50,000* a year and higher salaries are possible
  • 75% of jobs offer a salary of more than £28,000* per year
  • As a trainee you can earn more than £12,000* a year.

Working overtime and during the weekends will lead to higher salaries due to the unsocial hours that this entails and the ability to charge a premium for services during these periods.

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